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Wake up every morning with music or news from your favourite radio station. The android app RadioAlarm has got everything you need for a good start into the day! Increasing volume, snooze and instant play are only a part of the features RadioAlarm has to offer.
And the good thing is: RadioAlarm is completely FREE.

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Open Source projects used by RadioAlarm 1.40 and later for Android


Project Home

License: FFmpeg is free software licensed under the LGPL v2.1 or later

RadioAlarm 1.40 and later are using FFmpeg release/0.8 (;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/release/0.8). FFmpeg’s compiling scripts may cross compile for Android, please refer FFmpeg documents and content of configure script.

major configure parameters:
-disable-shared –enable-static –enable-version3 –disable-doc –disable-ffmpeg –disable-ffplay –disable-ffprobe –disable-ffserver –disable-avdevice –disable-avfilter –disable-postproc –disable-encoders –disable-decoders –enable-decoder=wmav1 –enable-decoder=wmav2 –disable-muxers –enable-small –enable-cross-compile –disable-symver –disable-debug –disable-stripping –enable-network –enable-protocol=tcp –enable-demuxer=rtsp

FFmpeg lib used by 1.40 and later for Android
It contains FFmpeg source code from git master repository, build script. The build script is self documented.